Build a Call List

One of the best assets that you can ever have when you are on-air is the listener responding to what you are doing in your show. The second best asset you have is the ability to set up a call to sound like a listener is responding to what you are doing in your show.

The problem that we have all experienced though is that we have our sister, best mate, neighbour, partners friend, and two listeners who call all of the time. If you use the tool of putting callers to air then this small list of people can burn pretty people. If a regular listener becomes known by name by other listeners (assuming you didn’t plan for this to happen) then they have been on-air too many times.

The best way to increase your people who you can call on is simply to keep a look out for good, spunky, fans of the show and station. When they call and you like them, have a chat to them off air and say, “hey you are so cool, you’re a blast to chat to. Sometimes I want to talk to really good people on-air, would you mind if I took your number and when I need to call on some great talent that I give you a call?” They ALWAYS say yes because you flattered them and how cool to think that your favourite on-air friend wants to call you because you are ‘talent’.

Another tip for breakfast and night shows that operate out of normal hours is to ask what time the get up or go to bed. For breakfast they might say 6:30am, so then you can ask if it’s OK to put 6:30 next to their name and that means that you can call them any time after that.

Within a few months you can have a list which is a hundred people big with all of the best people that will do and say almost anything you want them to.

We’ll deal with what you might want them to do in another post soon.

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