Director – Luke Holt

Radio PD Network exists in order to support, train, develop, and generally equip all people with aspirations in radio. Sometimes opportunities open up for people and yet other times it appears nobody really wants to help you develop. Even your PD can be too busy to train you and that is a part of the challenges we face these days. So this group is a tool for the talent to self develop but also a tool for PD’s to put their team onto that will take the pressure of the daily demands of being a PD these days.

Luke Holt - 89.9 LightFM - Radio

In five years as Program Director of 89.9 LightFM Luke Holt doubled the weekly audience and more than doubled the total cume up to 741,000 people.

Under Holt’s leadership the programming team more than doubled in size and the bond and enthusiasm amongst the team was the envy of many other stations around the country.

Holt’s ability as a leader and trainer is not in question as with a minimal pool of available on-air talent with any significant experience around the country, Holt inspired, trained, and developed 6 of the 7 full-time announcers who were a part of the line up that received record breaking audience numbers.

Over the last decade Holt has performed many roles in diverse style of radio stations. From one that converted a house bedroom into a studio to the second largest radio complex in the Southern Hemisphere, Holt has met each and every challenge with success and a smile.

He has broadcast locally in a small regional market and a major capitol city as well as broadcasting in Africa, Indonesia, India, and across Greater Asia.

Holt has excelled on-air as a breakfast host in solo and team environments, a sports reporter, sports news reader, solo music jock, countdown host, and talk show anchor.

He has also forged a career as a performer off the air as a stand up comedian performing in the Adelaide Fringe Festival and a sell out show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

His strategic and analytical brain that enables him to connect ideas in ways that will leave people amazed at the ‘creative journey’ has given him the ability to program radio in such a way that has always surpassed the resources at his disposal. Whether it was a local regional community station, or a multimillion dollar budget international broadcaster Holt has always pushed the boundaries to generate success and excellence in broadcasting.

Since his first radio gig at Toowoomba’s “The Light”, Holt has worked at international broadcaster “CVC”, Program Director at 89.9 LightFM, and currently breakfast host as well and juggling a family with twins and three boys under three as well as a life as a stand-up comedian.

Through his life experiences, education and roles in media, Holt has developed an engaging style of public speaking and has entertained people for over 14 years.  He shares his personal stories with humour and a vulnerably that means his experience can lead to real breakthrough in the lives and careers of others.

Holt is known by his LightFM listeners for his loud and regular belly laugh and his willingness and ability to share that joy. Through his high energy humor and personal stories, Holt makes an impact wherever he speaks.

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