Imagine doing what you're passionate about for a job, and loving every minute of it

Have you ever dreamed of hosting your own radio show? Learn these shortcuts to success from an expert and receive a FREE guide to unlocking the 3 Secrets to an exciting career in radio!!

The Passion Method
You know what you are doing now is not making you happy, maybe it's even sucking the life out of you. We will walk you through 5 steps of the Passion Method to understand what lights your fire and how a career in radio and podcasting can be just what you need.

The Destiny Pathway
It's one thing to know what makes you feel pumped today, but where are you supposed to go and what are you supposed to do with your life? You will get a very simple 1 step guide to going one step closer to your purpose...that's right, 1 step. It's simple to say but most of us never do it. You can be different from 'most'.

5 Things I Love About You
It can be so hard for most of us to understand what is special about ourselves and why it it even important to understand that. We don't want to be arrogant after all. Forty Years of research from Gallup will be summed up in 27 words. (Don't read word 17 aloud while the kids are in the room). These 5 Things I Love About You will be exactly what you need to be successful in life, but especially for the dream of being a radio announcer.

The Story of Radio Pro Luke Holt
Luke has spoken to millions of people on the radio for the past fifteen years, is networked into 15 different towns and cities in Australia with the Luke and Susie show, and every day he is doing what he loves. Hear his story on how he was just like you, unfulfilled in his job and searching for more. He will share how he changed that and how you can too.