How often should you say your name?

I have spoken to a few different PD’s about this one and many will disagree on the answer. On the one extreme is the thought that you should say your name every single break you do, give the listener a ‘real’ person to connect with. You can’t claim to have a friendship when both parties are nameless.

The other extreme is that while you should keep it regular you should also be kept minimal because overstating your name will get irritating and irrelevant for any listener but especially the core who already know who you are.

Well, I think that both of those arguments are correct and important. For true connection to happen the listener needs to know your name and to really feel like they can start to get to know you.

It doesn’t matter whether we are referring to a business, a work colleague, a neighbour, a romantic interest, or a radio announcer, the relationship quickly changes from the point of ‘name unknown’ to ‘name known’.

You simply don’t want to lose an opportunity to turn your relationship with your listener from an acquaintance -or worse yet, a voice- to a friend.

So to avoid annoyance yet maximise familiarity with your listener here are some tools you can use:

  • Depending on your show and your PD’s thoughts imaging can carry your name so even when the mic is closed
  • Naturally weave it into some breaks. For example, if you’re telling a story about how someone said, “What? Are you crazy?” Instead say, “What? Luke, are you crazy?” (this method can only be used sparingly)
  • Use phoners: When you talk to a listener (or even the news person for that matter) on-air make sure you coach them to say your name. “What are you up to today Bill?”, “I’m just hanging with the family Luke”. You can do this one all day, multiples times every hour and there will be absolutely no annoyance level whatsoever.


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