The importance of a positioning statement

Many announcers will regurgitate the positioning statement of the station without conviction but rather with an air of lacklustre cynicism. The problem is that a good, believable, and well delivered positioning statement could be the major contributing factor as to whether or not a casual listener will ever come back.

A positioning statement is forming what the listener thinks of you and your radio station. There are some cliché and common statements that we all know but they carry a very clear message and will tell the listener who has a deep seeded need to be current, cool, and fashionable where to find their ‘Hit Music’. Or perhaps the listener thinks that things were better when they were younger, life was simpler, and people had manners and respect, music had soul and everything just seemed to be filled with ‘Good Times, Classic Hits”.

The statement can really tap right into the core of those you are trying to get to listen to your station.

A well strategised statement can not only change behaviour but it can totally adjust the way someone thinks and processes the information they gather.

When I first hosted a breakfast show the total amount of songs went from ten an hour down to eight songs an hour as we increased the talking content. We also added the positioning statement, “Most Music In The Mornings”. We had calculated the other stations songs per hour to be anywhere from four to six, and so at eight we still had the most.

The beauty of this was that we got considerable feedback about how great it was that we had decided to play more music in breakfast. We had chopped 2 songs an hour which means we had an extra six to eight minutes of talk each hour and the perception was the exact opposite because five little words.

As an announcer it is your job to deliver the positioning statements. You need to believe it, and deliver it with absolute passion and in a highlight it in a context that can accentuate it.

If you are a “Hot Music Station” then highlight the hot music your station plays in hooks, when you talk in or out of the big songs.

If you’re the “Classic Hits” station then build up the legendary station and good memories associated with these songs to really tap into the ‘classic’.

Working on a station that is the “Positive Alternative” I will try and find the opportunities where we might talk about a big news story differently from other stations and say something like, “as a positive alternative we obviously respond to what’s happening a little differently than most”.

Brag about how good you are!

You can choose to be the under achiever who does everything right but never really gets noticed doing it or you can be noticed for every little thing that you do right by telling everybody all about it.

Believe the positioning statement, fulfill it, highlight that fulfilment, and deliver it.


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